Some time ago we showed you how to tie a bow tie (link here), but today we intend to treat the many ways in which you can wear.

After a long period of “exile”, bow ties are back in fashion. Why does this return? Men’s fashion is always looking for something new inspired by what’s old and bow tie are not the only example of this phenomenon, also characterized by handkerchiefs.

Weae them with charm and elegance is undoubtedly the base rule, immediately followed by the ability to make one. However, in case you’re lazy, there are many already ready to wear, but they look decidedly too perfect. In fact, it’s the asymmetry of the classic bow tie to give it that magical aura. The bow tie has 3 main forms: “butterfly”, “long and narrow” or “pointed”, each of them may be more or less large. The width of the bow tie should not exceed the width of the face and, indeed, should not be larger than the width of the neck. In the shirt, the collar must be tended to small, or with the tips elusive outwards (“French”) in such a way that these do not snack from under the bow tie.

Today, the types of bow ties are numerous and suitable in every season, in addition to the classic bow tie in black shiny silk, perfect in the evening, there are some in wool, cashmere, denim, flannel and tweed, often with patterns, perfect for autumn and winter. In the spring, however, using bowtie in light cotton or ruches fabric: modern and trendy. Valid alternative to the classic tie, the bow tie is able to add personality to any outfit, often with a preppy inspirations. Cheerful and witty, is able to fit any look, if worn correctly with the appropriate colors and patterns.

How to wear them?
Advices on how to introduce the bow tie accessory in your wardrobe:

Defuse it, wearing it without the classic jacket, but with rolled up shirt sleeves and a used leather jacket. A good alternative is to combine it with a plaid shirt, whose tones must be the same. Match it with another vintage accessory, like the handkerchief or suspenders. The old school look never goes out of fashion.


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  1. Great advice and tips on different ways of wearing bow ties! Love for bow ties is definitely continuing to rise. As a bow tie designer, I feel it!!

    At Knot Theory, our Infinity bow ties can be worn in 40+ ways, so new ideas for styling them are always welcomed! We’ll share this with our bow tie fans on Facebook!

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