The smoking accessories and leather goods shop Al Pascià is located in the charming and picturesque Palazzo Casati Stampa Via Torino 61, Milan. Recognized by Regione Lombardia as “Historical Activities Shop” and named “Historical Shop” by the Town Council, Al Pascià is an integral part of the Milanese tradition, as activities in the country for over a hundred years.

History of Al Pascià

A history of craftsmanship born in 1906 carried out by a family that boasts several entrepreneurial experiences, Sportelli family, composed by Cosimo, Leonardo and Mrs. Adele has been able to manage tradition and modernity in an exemplary manner. How? Through communication tools and new technologies, first of all a complete and comprehensive web site, which has been able to bring Al Pascià in an international success.

In 1990, around the pipe, were included accessories and crafts belonging to the sphere of slow smoking, but not only. A selection of leathers and fabrics as a result of a creative process, in a constant search of elegance and sophistication, which led to an expansion of the type of product offered. Kingdom of the pipe and kits to smoke, now the shop of Al Pascià resembles a private and intimate sitting area, in which, with great courtesy and professionalism, the pipes are described and reported, becoming extremely magic “objects forever”.

The Return of the Pipe

Al Pascià’s core business is a selection of pipe that has no equal, present in a range of styles, assortments and varied prices. The pipe, selected among the best in the world pipemaker represent precious crafts made ​​with passion and dedication. The slow smoking is making a comeback, thanks to a new daily approach, where traditions and relax are privileged. In addition, smoking pipe has a pleasant smell, which doesn’t infect, but gives elegance to the interiors.

Leather goods

Mrs. Adele has recently joined to the traditional proposals, in a natural evolution of the brand, a line of leather goods of the highest level and quality. It’s a collection that includes wallets, purses, bags and key rings for men and women, all strictly Made in Italy.


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