Sprezzatura: the art of dishevelment

Sprezzatura is a term introduced by Baldassare Castiglione, italian author of The Book of the Courtier, as well as guidance for distinguished and elegant gentlemen, who first spoke of this’ “art that conceals art“. It’s the ability to dress with style, giving the impression that there is any conscious effort: perfect imperfection, casual nonchalance, art of the disorder.

The main ingredients are safe, pride, confidence and awareness: mixed and flaunted in public.

Lino Ielluzzi, icon with Luca Rubinacci of this style, is able to casually dress a classic double-breasted suit, while afrom his pocket shows up some colored handkerchiefs. So how Lapo Elkann, master of new cuts and volumes tailoring that loves to take a cue from dandyism and nonchalantly revive the style of his grandfather Gianni Agnelli, bringing it into the stratosphere thanks to its unique and eccentric personalityAgnelli has always been considered as one of the most elegant and well-dressed men, wearing his tie askew, which on anyone else would have appeared as an extremely scruffy gesture, expressing a sense of infinite sprezzatura. Also famous for wearing the watch over the shirt wrist, because, in his opinion, take it back to check the time constituted a waste of time.

How to show off the art of sprezzatura?

The look is duly studied, with no doubt, the point is not to show it as soon as you are out of home, having nonchalance and forgetting about it. The road of imitation can’t be lead, what you need to do is to show in your own personality. Once you learn the rules of dressing well, broke them and charisma will be your guide.

In practice: wear watches, ties, handkerchiefs of family; dress expensive clothes along with vintage pieces; juxtapose unexpected colors and textures; mix luxury with untidy; wear garments and accessories in unexpected ways, such as a watch over the cuff of the shirt, a pair of colored socks or a tie over a sweater.

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