A well-organized closet can help you not only to have a perfect house, but also to simplify your everyday life.

In order to getting your closet organized, you will need to consider everything is in it, evaluate it carefully and then put it back in its correct position. The main steps:

First, we must examine the wardrobe completely emptied, for it will serve tables, hangers and useful areas where you can put clothes, accessories and shoes.

At this point comes the hardest and emotional part of the work: choose what to keep and what not. The advice is to divide them into two main groups,  depending on the season, and then decide what to divest directly. Chaos and disorder are accumulated probably the result of some leaders, now disused, that occupy space. It’s useful to ask yourself: what I wear the most, what clothes did not reflect me, what seize my closet? Then you are going to put everything that you expect to not wear in the current season inside boxes or plastic bags that will be placed in the upper part of the closet or under the bed: ready to be reopened for the change of season. Clothes, shoes and accessories that you have chosen will be keep stored in the closet, but in an orderly manner, to ensure that they are readily identifiable. Go on hangers to hang all that clutters up much space, such as jackets and coats, and anything that might rub or easily damaged. Everything else will fall into place in shelves and drawers by type of use, this technique will allow you to easily find what you’re looking for. An example? Sports wear, garments, elegant, clothes for work / everyday use. The alternative, in case you don’t carry a lot of space, you can divide the garments by type: t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, trousers etc. The shirts can be hung or folded, depending on personal preference and as far as the ties can be hung or rolled up inside the door of the cabinet drawers fitted with partitions, the same for belts. Ideas: using different colors of hangers according to the type of garment and create as many divisors as possible within the cabinet, in order to divide everything.

In case your the closet also contains shoes, it’s important to organize it since footwear occupy much space. These can be ordered based on usage, such as those commonly used in front and the elegant at the bottom. Or by type, by creating boxes labeled, and dividing in: sneakers, oxfords, sandals ect.


 photo large-dream-wardrobe4.jpg

 photo How-to-organize-your-wardrobe-2.jpg photo How-to-organize-your-wardrobe-1.jpg photo H-T-O-Y-W-2.jpg photo H-T-O-Y-W-3.jpg
 photo Rue_BDRM_Closet_Final_222-copy.jpg

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