last day of summer

I came back home from the seaside just a couple of days ago, but it already seems a far memory.
When I see these pictures I confess I feel a little of melancholy because I know that freezing days will arrive soon and that I ‘ll have to wait another year before seeing the beach again.
At the same time these pictures remind me beautiful moments I passed with my closest friends and I just feel lucky if I think about the last two months.
Now let’s go back to work, ready to start a new exciting year.
Have a good day!


 photo IMG_4516d.jpg
 photo IMG_456x2.jpg
 photo IMG_43x82.jpg
 photo IMG_4e368.jpg
 photo IMG_4498copia-1.jpg
 photo IMG_4x354.jpg
 photo IMG_45c04.jpg
 photo IMG_4x445.jpg
 photo IMG_4e3d12.jpg
 photo IMG_43x29.jpg
 photo IMG_44d90-1.jpg
 photo IMG_43s78.jpg

I was wearing:

Tangerine shoes
– Zara shirt

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