The hat has a long history and has changed different meanings and connotations over time. The first hat that has been depicted, was in an Egyptian tomb and it was in the straw, but this accessory undoubtedly has a more distant past.

In the Middle Ages, the hat indicated a social status and, in modern times, when it spreads to Europe, begins to be present as a sports uniform, not only to protect  from sun, wind and rain, but as a real symbol of style. Men should always remove his hat indoors, while women may hold it, for example during religious services or the theater.

A hat is able to give a touch of glamour to any outfit, especially those elegant, but often it can be seen on the runway or on the street declined to chic-sportswear looks.

The hat has featured some of the main icons of our time and today there are caps with out of ordinary characteristics, but on average are composed of: crown, band, peak and tense.

During summer months, the hat offers an important protection from heat and sun, giving the possibility to leave the house without having the hair in place.
Let’s see in detail what are the summer hats most commonly used:


It is a resistant hat, but at the same time lightweight, practical and soft, so it can be rolled into the suitcase. It represents one of the most used summer hats and has a classic Fedora shape. Beloved by writers, artists and politicians, the Panama hat is a symbol of adventure and daring, essential accessory recently recognized by Unesco, which declared intangible heritage of humanity. photo Panama-1.jpg photo Panama-Summer-Hats-10.png photo Panama-Summer-Hats-5.jpg photo Panama-Summer-Hats-8.png photo Panama-Summer-Hats-7.jpg

Straw Hat

It has a round shape and wide-brimmed rather rigid, has a long history with patterns very similar to the current ones, the most famous is called Boater.

 photo Straw-Summer-Hats-4.jpg photo Straw-Hat-11.jpg photo Straw-Summer-hats-9.jpg


It is a soft hat, made of waxed canvas or denim, often worn by sailors and fishermen, but also by those who sail on the boat. Its brim is facing down with the intent to better protect eyes from sun. In literature, is mentioned in Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

 photo Nord-Ovest-6.png

Baseball Cap

The hat or baseball cap was introduced in 1860 and is one of the most casual wear hats. Its peculiarity is the practice visor, is usually used on holidays or during sporting events and is appropriate only in open air, must therefore be taken indoors. Not suitable for formal environments, should be worn with the visor on his forehead, but today is also brought in alternative ways.

 photo Baseball-Cap-2.jpg photo Baseball-Cap-3.jpg

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