The A.Caraceni tailor’s shop was created by clever tailoring art of Augusto Caraceni, a young man from Ortona who learned the skills of his father Thomas, who had a small tailoring renowned throughout the Abruzzo. Augusto, born in 1893, developed a great experience at the tailor’s shop opened in Rome by one of his brothers and then he moved to Paris, where as some of the characters from that period. In 1939 he returned to Italy with his wife and 4 children, and opened a tailor’s shop Via Fatebenefratelli 16, Milan, the tailor’s shop took on the header A.Caraceni at the death of Augusto.

Mario, the son, continues the business gaining an international clientele, while maintaining high sartorial tradition and won several awards, including the Sant’Omobono and the Tailors Union of Milan. The daughter, Maria Rita, and gender, Carlo Andreacchio, who for 20 years worked in the tailoring, take over the reins of the company when Mario retired in 1998. Since 2004 also the children of Carlo and Maria Rita, fascinated since childhood, joined at work in Tailoring.


The A.Caraceni Tailor’s Shop, particularly composed by a foreign clientele, consisting of entrepreneurs, managers and artists, produces clothes entirely sewn by hand. A.Caraceni realizes a double-breasted suit known throughout the world, as well as tuxedo, tight and frack, but also sports clothing such as hunting clothes and horse jackets. The selection of fabrics, exclusively Italian or English, is very accurate, in order to ensure a high level of quality standards.

The passion for tailoring is visceral, each dress has its own history and the secret of cutting Caraceni been handed down for generations from father to son. The A.Caraceni Tailor’s Shop dresses italian families such as Moratti and Agnelli, but also many international fashion designers, including Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren.

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  1. quando cammini con un vestito normale sei uno qualunque, con un vestito di caraceni sei unico, sei l’eleganza! ho trovato tempo fa 3 vestiti di caraceni a porta portese, li ho fatti miei!! a volte la ricchezza non conta, lo stile si!

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