If you love shopping London is one of the best destination in the world. From flea markets and huge department stores up to luxury shops, this is that kind of city able to satisfy all tastes and all budgets.

Personally, every time I visit the city I can’t miss  Portobello Road vintage market, the exclusive Bond Street, Selfridges at Oxford Street and a long walk along Regent Street.

Regent Street connects St. James and Regent’s Park, passing through Piccadilly Circus.
Besides the beauty of the road itself, the street welcomes some of my favorite brands.

Down below a brief handbook with my bookmarks.

London means Burberry, therefore missing the historic boutique at 121 Regent Street is like a crime. The store, completely renovated a couple of years ago, combines tradition and future, tangible languages ​​and hi-tech technology.
Nowadays  you try to transfer real experiences on the web, here the reverse happens.

Reiss at 172 Regent Street is another inevitable stop. The brand combines a very affordable price and good quality. Visit the e-store HERE.

Who’s looking for casual-wear can not miss a visit to J.Crew at 165 Regent Street.

Italian fashion is the best but I have to admit that British people win in terms of men’s shoes. This is the reason why a stop at Church’s boutique  at 201 Regent Street is inevitable.

If you are looking for perfumes  stop by Penhaligon’s at 125 Regent Street. The fragrances are excellent and the boutique is a little gem.

Another great stop is Liberty at 208-222 Regent Street. The building, a perfect reproduction of Tudor style, includes numerous brands and sections but I recommend the home section on top floor.

I was able to discover all the secrets of Regent Street during “Regent Tweet” last May. Regent Tweet is an annual event born to unveil  and share all the secrets of road.
together with me ten international bloggers and about a hundred – yes you read right – a hundred Made in the UK bloggers were invited.

Such a super cool event I attended with great pleasure!

Wish you a good day!

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 photo IMG_0138.jpg
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 photo IMG_0036.jpg
 photo IMG_0095.jpg
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 photo IMG_0102.jpg
 photo IMG_0109.jpg
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Luca Roda Suit
Hermes Tie

Here the complete list of my favorite spots on the street:

Banana Republic
224 Regent Street

Brooks Brothers
150 Regent Street

121 Regent Street

Church’s Shoes
201 Regent Street

193-197 Regent Street

24 Great Marlborough Street

172 Regent Street

73-77 Regent Street

Liberty London
208-222 Regent Street

J. Crew
165 Regent Street

125 Regent Street

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