Good morning!
The summer looks series keeps going on: no jacket, neither tie, but these are casual outfits where the attention should be paid to accessories and details.
In this case is the Badura bag orange touch together with the Superga crocodile sneakers that give personality to the whole look.
What do you think about it?
Have a good day!

Filippo C

 photo IMG_13d85.jpg
 photo IMG_1625.jpg
 photo IMG_150s3.jpg
 photo IMG_142x6.jpg
 photo IMG_15d35.jpg
 photo IMG_146x4.jpg
 photo IMG_14d51.jpg
 photo IMG_160s7.jpg
 photo IMG_1d504.jpg
 photo IMG_15x65.jpg

I was wearing:
Badura bag
Hamilton X-Wind watch
– Superga shoes

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