Eternal dilemma: what to wear for a day at the beach? The variables to consider are more than one: your style, your mood, the place and the current trends.

Show your tan, be glamorous, but at the same time practical even in the hot sun isn’t easy. Every summer, the real fashion addicted ask themselves if the surplus should be put aside: the answer is that it depends on your style and to the situation.

In event that the seaside is pretty wild: you prefer an easy and sporty look. This might be constituted by a boxer swimwear, always practical and suitable for everyone; sunglasses with dark lenses and acetate frame, a big towel in nature tones, such as blue, green or beige in color with the context; a baseball cap; a duffel bag or a backpack in canvas and finally a pair of sneakers or flip flops on your feet.

If the holiday place has a more trendy and fashionable mood: opt for a glamorous and sophisticated look, which gives a nod to current trends. This provides a more minimal swimwear, a slip for example, to be able to soak up the sun and show off your sculptural body; a bag in oilcloth or straw; you can’t miss a straw hat. A light-colored shirt with long sleeves turned over on the forearm; rounded vintage sunglasses, tortoise or transparent; at the foot only leather sandals, boat shoes or espadrilles.

And what about accessories? They’re protagonists at the beach as in the city: you can not miss a good mp3 player; don’t wear gold jewelry, but go for colored cloth bracelets, plastic watches, a good book and of course a solar cream.

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  1. Molto interessante. Chiedo un consiglio: è opportuno recarsi alle strutture di una spiaggia attrezzata solo col costume, come fanno in tanti, oppure è d’uopo coprirsi. Immagino che tutto dipenda dalle dimensioni del costume da bagno (slip o calzoncini), ma oltre a questo non è piacevole sedersi al tavolo di un bar col costume, qualunque esso sia, sporco di salsedine o di abbronzante. Che dici?

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