After one year we’ve come back to Taormina for our second edition at “Nastri d’Argento” Film Festival.

Lot of things happened during the last 365 days: we learned to love Hamilton, American brand of watches with a Swiss heart, we flew to Los Angeles for the “Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards” and, last but not least, we started a very good relation with the Italian team.

Today, however, we want to tell you about our second time at Taormina “Nastri d’Argento”, a truly magical night once again together with Hamilton and its team.

For the the second time, Hamilton has decided to prize the Italian cinema  at Taormina “Nastri d’Argento” Film Festival with the “Hamilton Behind the Camera” Award, an American prize that celebrates those talents who work behind the scenes of the movies.

This award confirms the more than 60 years lasting relation between Hamilton and cinema: in fact Hamilton watches have appeared in more that 400 movies.

Pierfrancesco Diliberto (PIF) is the winner of the second Italian edition of the “Hamilton Behind the Camera – Nastri d’Argento” Award for his first work “La mafia uccide solo d’estate“.

A very deserved award to a brand new film director that we hope will be the beginning of a brilliant career in the world of cimena.

A truly magical night that we will jealously keep in our memories.
Thanks again Francesca and Veronica!


 photo IMG_6500.jpg
 photo IMG_6378.jpg
 photo IMG_6482.jpg
 photo IMG_6f415.jpg photo IMG_6531.jpg photo IMG_6440.jpg
 photo PhotoADOLFOFRANZO-3827-1trascinato.jpg
 photo filippo_Fiora_filippo_Cirulli-thethreef.jpg photo IMG_6494.jpg
 photo IMG_6313.jpg
 photo IMG_6346z.jpg
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 photo IMG_6527.jpg photo IMG_6433.jpg
 photo IMG_6465.jpg
 photo IMG_6511-1.jpg
 photo PhotoADOLFOFRANZO-.jpeg
 photo PhotoADOLFOFRANZO-3883.jpeg photo IMG_6660.jpg
 photo nastri.jpg
 photo IMG_6718.jpg
 photo Senza-titolo-1-1.jpg

FF is wearing an American Classic HAMILTON Spirit Of Liberty AUTO 42MM
FC is wearing an HAMILTON RailRoad Small Second

PIF is wearing an HAMILTON Pan Europ

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