Icon of Style: Steve McQueen

Terence Steve McQueen was born in Beech Grove, Indiana 34th March 1930: his worldwide fame is due to his acting career, but was also an excellent pilot of cars and motorcycles.

Marked by a difficult childhood and abandoned by his father, he lived unbalanced life, with a painful experience of eighteen months in California Junior Boys Republic of Chino reformatory government. Released from there, he moved to New York, where he began his life on the streets of America, followed by a period of three years of military life for the Marine Corps. In 1950, back on the road he worked in many different fields living in Greenwich Village in New York.

Not long after, on the advice of his girlfriend Neile Adams, tries his acting career by attending the Neighborhood Playhouse for two years. Toggle acting to another great passion in which it has a good success: motorcycle racing. Steve McQueen married in 1956 Neile Adams, with whom he had two children, Chad and Terry Leslie, they moved to Los Angeles, where he was hired in some movies, and thanks to the success of the television turns into a real star, playing Josh Randall in the series “Wanted: Dead or Alive”.

The rebel Steve is hated by the directors, but his reputation, his charisma and his style makes him a hero for generations. “The Magnificent Seven” and “Filth and Wisdom” throw it at the international level and “Please do not touch the balls“, “War Lover“, “Hell for Heroes” and “The Great Escape” took him to the consecration. Later starred in “The Cincinnati Kid“, “The Thomas Crown Affair“, “Bulllitt“, “The last bruscadero“, “Getaway!” (where he met and later married the actress Ali MacGraw) and “Papillon“. In the second half of the 70s Steve McQueen enters a phase of decline and his last film appearance was in 1980 in “The Bounty Hunter”.

In addition to the talent as an actor, McQueen had an innate passion for  motorcycle and car racing: in fact, in many scenes of his films, he appears without the use of stunt doubles, as in “The Great Escape“. The actor, considered more of a chance to leave the theater to devote himself to the races and at his death his collection included over 100 bike models, valued at several million dollars.

In 1979, Steve McQueen died of mesothelioma, next to his last wife Barbara Minty and his friend Sammy Mason.

Charisma and charm, but also recklessness and unconventional, have made Steve McQueen a great actor and a true anti-Hollywood star. Alternative model of life and fascinating ’50s style icon, McQueen wore a style that mixed sportswear, sweaters aviator V-neck, polo shirts and tight clothes. In addition, he loved to have a picture of bad boy in denim clothing, wearing biker boots and leather jackets.

Nicknamed The King of Cool, his style was never really cared for, but it was something that he had in his blood: a scruffy mood that made him deserve the cover of Harper’s Bazaar first ever dedicated to a man.

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    1. Before we get to the heavy stuff, let me on a lighter note make mention of the fact that the film makes two contributions to a concept I’ll call the Hitchcockian Planfuck. Here’s the first: Karl (Yaphet Kotto), one of the bank robbers on the team Thomas Crown has assembled, is unable to locate a usable pay phone, in a large bank of them, with which to call in to Crown for the last set of instructions before the heist.

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