Lapo Edvard Elkann is an Italian manager and entrepreneur born in New York 7th October 1977.

Brother of John Elkann, chairman of Fiat, and Ginevra Elkann, Lapo is the second son of the journalist and writer Alain Elkann and Margherita Agnelli, he’s a grandson of Gianni Agnelli.

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Lapo attended the Victor Duruy high school in Paris and he graduated in International Relations at the European Business School of London, as tradition in the Agnelli family. His working career began as a metalworker at the assembly of Piaggio, in which he used the pseudonym of Lapo Rossi, and then with different responsibilities at Salomon Smith Barney, Danone, Maserati and Ferrari.

Lapo is always been close with Gianni Agnelli, with feelings of esteem and affection; he died in 2003, leaving the leadership of Fiat‘s older brother John Elkann. But Lapo, dealing with the communication of the brand, takes a crucial role, being able to give new life to the image of the group through the launch of the Fiat Grande Punto and cool gadgets, such as the sweatshirts with the vintage Fiat coat of arms, being able to bring a young audience. The following year he was appointed head of Brand Promotion of Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo.

Passionate about languages ​​and world traveler, he learned to speak fluent Italian, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Controversial, multifaceted and irreverent, he has always been particularly criticized, often protagonist of the gossip columns for his love affairs and his antics.

In 2007, with Giovanni Accongiagioco and Andrea Tessitore, he founded the Italian Independent company which produces clothing and accessories based on the concept of “non-brand” in relation to the ability of the consumer to customize their products. In the same year Italian Independent presented a pair of glasses entirely made of carbon fiber, at the Pitti Man Fair. Then, Lapo  founded another company: the Independent Ideas communications agency, with Alberto Fusignani and Ivanmaria Vele. From that moment on, he engages in other activities, becoming from 2007 to 2008 the Honorary President of Sparkling Volleyball Milan, then ambassador of Tel Ashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv and international ambassador for the Triennale of Milan, as well as member of the board of directors of several companies. Together with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, in 2011, Lapo Elkann started the Ferrari Tailor Made project, by which each customer can personalize his Ferrari.

In 2012 he published a book titled “The rules of my style“, dedicated to his concept of elegance with tips, thoughts and ideas. In 2013 he received the prize of the renowned Young Leader Award of Excellence & Automative Hall of Fame. He has been several times nominated Best Dressed Man by Vanity Fair magazine; Lapo Elkann has a very unique, made of unusual combinations, mix of prints, energetic colors and camouflage texture, even on its cars. He loves to wear readjusted dresses from his grandfather, considered one of the most elegant men of the twenties, a style icon for Lapo and for the whole world.

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