Summer is here, and it’s time to think about fall fashion and have a look at the resort collections, that have just started showing. With an eye on renovation and blossoming, following are 8 trends to ditch for the new season.

1. Crop tops
They’re still going strong, but they’re a no-no unless you have the ripped abs of a Victoria Secret’s model. They look great on the runaway, but not so much on the street. Make sure to keep exposure to a minimum, in order to keep it classy.

2. #armparty
Huge on Instagram, it’s boring now, especially since we’re starting to sunbath a little. Do you wanna end up with a white huge mark on your wrist?
 photo arm-party-1.jpg

3. Peplum tops
They’re so 2012, unless you are the preppy bon ton style lover. In that case, you’re good to go.

4. Statement necklaces
I would face the new season embracing the motto “Less is more”. There are so many more interesting accessories to play with!
 photo Photo18Dec201309_25.jpg

5. Sheer and see through
Wouldn’t it be better to leave this to celebrities who have to down a red carpet? Sheer à la Paltrow is not suitable for everyday life.

6. Wedge sneakers
It’s the shoe equivalent of Pharrel Williams’ “Happy”, it’s burned out! Just refer to my previous post on sneakers, there are so many running shoes that we can buy to look fashionable and comfortable at the same time, it’s their moment!
 photo WedgeSneakers_870x500.jpg
7. Mom’s jeans
I know they’re a new trend, but you’ll end up looking like you just came out of an episode of Beverly Hills 90120. Isn’t it better to channel the Ninthies with other, more interesting trends from the past?

8. Printed leggings
Leggings are not pants, and unless you’re headed to yoga class, where the funkier the better, they’re not good to run errands in or catch up with your friends.
 photo legging-featured-image.jpg

Now up to you. Are any of these trends hiding in your closet? What trends are you over with?

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