Chopard Mille Miglia 2014. the race start.

Back to the Mille Miglia after two years.
The race starts from Brescia, a city that welcomes a great colorful and festive multitude of people for one day.
The narrow streets and the squares of the centre are crowded of vintage Mercedes, Fiat, Bugatti, BMW and Ferrari with their heterogeneous crews .
At the Mille Miglia in fact it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you are Italian or Japanese ; the only important thing is the spirit of the people taking part to these three days of intense competition to Rome and back .

Besides cars and crews , there are also thousands of people coming to town and this year we were two of those . In fact we have accepted the invitation of Chopard, historic brand of fine jewelry and watches as well as one of the traditional main sponsor of the event , to participate at the start of the competition.

We love the Mille Miglia because it is much more than just a race . The Mille Miglia in fact enhances the beauty of Italy and everything that a country like it can offer .
We love the Mille Miglia especially because it makes us feel proud of our beautiful and complicated country.

Thanks again Chopard for this unique day .

 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-1.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-5.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-2.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-4.jpg photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-6.jpg photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-3.jpg
 photo IMG_830cv5f.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-8.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-7.jpg
 photo IMG_837s3.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-9.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-13.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-10.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-14.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-16.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-24.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-17.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-18.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-20.jpg
 photo IMG_835s4copia.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-19.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-22.jpg
 photo filippo-fiora-millemiglia-2014-31.jpg photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-26.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-25.jpg photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-23.jpg
 photo chopard-millemiglia-2014-21.jpg

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