Johannes Huebl is a German model born and raised in Hanover. During his  studies at the University of Lueneburg, was noted by the Promod Agency for Models of Hamburg, and he started his career in the fashion world. Working for major clients such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, GQ and Marie Claire, he has had the opportunity to travel the world and live in big cities like London, Paris, Tokyo and New York, which has chosen as his home.

In New York, he joined the Wilhelmina Agency for Models, working for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, Hogan, MontBlanc and many others. He also appeared in prestigious high-profile campaigns and editorials for magazines, brands and great photographers.

When he’s not in front of the camera he is behind, engaged in self-portraits, but not only. In April, a photography was auctioned at Pikolinos’ fundraising gala at the United Nations in support of the Maasai tribe and ADCAM NGO’s schooling project. In addition, he took photographs of the covers of the New York Scene Magazine and Lifestyle Magazine Brazil.

Johannes Huebl is Brand Ambassador of Italian footwear brand Scarosso for whom he worked as a designer, designing a capsule collection of great success. Finally, Huebl has recently become a member of the prestigious Mr.Porter’s Style Council.

About his sentimental life, he is officially engaged to socialite Olivia Palermo in January, with which it is engaged for six years. The wedding is planned for next summer.

His style is always impeccable, even in his more casual look, led him to be icon of good taste and refinement. The color palette that he uses, goes from gray to olive green, from camel to black, never give up the denim blue. With a penchant for blue shirts, Huebl plays with details, such as collars and contrasting trim. A lover of bespoke clothing, no waiver of stylish dresses and impeccable during the social events. When it comes to casual clothing, it is often seen on New York city’s streets with leather jackets, chinos and jeans, but he never give to his shirt. His style is based on a simple look, often casual, timeless.

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  1. Icona dello stile clochard, al massimo. Ma li avete visti i pantaloni dell’ultima foto? Neanche l’imbianchino se li metterebbe. E se proprio lo facesse, di certo non ci abbinerebbe quelle mocasse con nappine in camoscio – senso del matching!?

    1. purtroppo questo blog è diventato la fiera della [email protected] A questi 2 pseud0-blogger gli commissionano per 2 s0ldi articoli pubblicitari, loro prendono 2 foto che gli rifila l’agenzia ed ecco fatto un articolo senza cap0 né coda in cui un modello misconosciut0 (che evidentemente deve essere portato alla ribalta) diventa icona di stile. Ma per fav0re…

      1. Paco ma ti rendo conto della tua ridicolaggine?

        Secondo te il fidanzato di Olivia Palermo ha bisogno di The Three F per essere portato alla ribalta?

        Va bene la critica ma tu con i tuoi commenti senza capo nè coda risulti veramente ridicolo.


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