Who is Guglielmo Miani? Entrepreneur, manager and contemporary gentleman, born in 1976 .

He loves to dress with class and elegance, speak politely and courteously. After a university degree from Babson College of Wellesley, American center of excellence, in Entrepreneurship and Finance and a period in banking at Prudential Securities of Boston, Miani returns to Italy in 2000 starting to work in the textile industry, initially with an internship at Ciba Specialty Chemicals and then becoming part of Larusmiani S.p.A. A step by step path, a professional growth that led him to be today a CEO and President of one of the leading companies in the textile sector, which was founded by his grandfather. Guglielmo Miani Senior, the grandfather, was a tailor and the first to import from England some precious fabrics for menswear. A creative and visionary who also became owner of the historic bar Camparino, today called bar Zucca, a meeting point for artists and notables in Milan.

Heir of the name and the prestigious Fashion House with the Larusmiani three floors boutique in Via Monte Napoleone, Miani has now the reins of the business, started by his grandfather, carried out with taste, quality, craftsmanship, honesty and fairness. A path which starts new approaches, where the handmade men’s collection gets its place alongside a woman’s one who has the same values ​: it is a company that helps to make the Made in Italy big in the world.

Guglielmo Miani also holds the post of president of Via Monte Napoleone Association, created to enhance one of the most famous street in the world, which brings together 110 highly prestigious luxury brand of the Fashion District. Miani is also a member of Confcommercio, the representative body for a very large number of companies engaged in trade, services and tourism in the Region of Lombardy.

Today, father of two sons, is always been a great interest in art, always attentive to new trends in design, painting and music.

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  1. I have men style page on FB. I live in Milan. I live in Jakarta also. I would like to show men outside of italy how to dress, how to have that disinvolta style that italian men have it innately. so, you are one of the epitomes of that men. thank you. classic but modern.

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