One of my dearest friends, whom I love very much, is getting married in Turkey in early september. She’s turkish and her boyfriend is british-canadian, so it’s gonna be a joyous, multicultural wedding, a great example of different traditions living in harmony and melting together. I imagine a festive atmosphere, loud and cheerful, something like the movie “My big fat greek wedding”, after all, we’re all crazy, noisy, happy mediterreaneans!

You can imagine how happy I was for her when she told me she was engaged last december, and my further joy in realising I would have to find a dress for me, as well as help her pick her own, if she’d like me to. Since february I’ve been surfing the net and browsing magazines looking for inspiration. Today, I’d like to share with you my own personal guide on outfits I find suitable for the occasion. 

I’d start by asking the bride if there are off-limits colours, maybe black or white.
I like dresses, or a nice embroidered shirt (but no lace, you’re not the bride!) with a frilly short skirt, and I’d avoid pants, as i find them too serious. This season flowers are a must, but I dare say they’re always safe. Pastels are tricker, they’re so hot right now, but you might end up looking like the bridesmaid next year…
High heels are de rigueur, if only to be thrown in a corner while crazy dancing at the party. You can choose whatever you like, in whatever color or material you prefer, just be curious and inventive. As an alternative, I like flat jewel sandals.
Less is more for make up and accessories. I’d sport a fresh haircut, or at least a blow dry, minimal make up (it’s either eyes or lips), one single big piece of jewellery, chandelier earrings, a cocktail ring or an elegant necklace. Add a clutch for your belongings, a smart jacket in case it gets chilly and you’re good to go!

This is my first wedding, so this post is just all about my ideas. If you’ve ever been to a wedding, and if you haven’t yet as well, what would you change to my guide? Anything to add or remove? I really wanna be perfect for it, so, please, help me get dressed up!

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