Untold. AP cocktail at Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi

Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi is one of the best museum to visit in Milan. That’s the place where Audemars Piguet together with Vionnet have decided to pay homage to some great international designers.

The title of the exhibit is “UNTOLD” and it recalls the idea of something evident and clear.
In fact there is no need of words to describe this incredible and emotional path between glorious past and contemporary design.

We’ve been incredibily impressed by the sweet contrast between the sixteenth-century rooms of the palace and the installations of designers such as Jacopo Foggini and Fornasetti.

Starting point of the exhibition is the idea that traditional knowledge and new techniques are not in conflict, but rather determine novelty and progress.
This is also the philosophy behind Audemars Piguet, which treasures its history and its know-how craftsmanship while being always open to innovation and research. That’s been clearly demonstrated thanks to a showcase where 21 Royal Oak Offshore have been exposed  in a strictly chronological order, from the first model born in 1993 up to the latest version in ceramics presented at the latestt SIHH Givenvra (read the post here).


 photo web_IMG_1528-copia.jpg photo IMG_16d26.jpg
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