Born in Edinburgh (Scotland) in 1930, Thomas Sean Connery, has always been considered one of the most elegant and charming actors of the big screen. Class and sophistication characterize him, making him an international style icon.

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When he was young, he performed different jobs, even very humble, but in the 50s he changed life: Connery has begun to get small parts in theater, television and movies, and shortly after participating in the London musical “South Pacific“. In 1953 he participated at “Mister Universe” competition, finishing third and starts to play increasingly important roles on the big screen. In 1962 he won a competition that totally changed his life, the one organized by the London Express: James Bond, the famous Secret Agent 007. Due to that part, in a very short time became a famous sex-simbol at the international level and style icon. The James Bond interpreted by Connery expressed British glamour and elegance, characterized by high quality suits worn with charm and confidence, able to increase the masculine appeal and make a man irresistible.

Sean Connery skillfully avoids being trapped in a single role, as often happens to many actors, thanks to the experiences that followed, demonstrating versatility and interpreting different characters between them; from that moment, he began his great film career that saw him plays in movies directed by great directors. Among his most famous interpretations include: Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock (1964), Highlander – The Immortal Man, directed by Russell Mulcahy (1986), The Untouchables, directed by Brian De Palma (1987), Indiana Jones and the Last crusade, directed by Steven Spielberg (1989) and many others.

Jealous of his private life, Connery was married from 1962 to 1974 to actress Diane Cilento, who gave him a son, and since 1975 till now with Micheline Roquebrune. Among the most important awards and honors, we remember the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables and the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables (both in 1988); Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Proud of his Scottish ancestry, Connery has always professed his love for his country, arguing vigorously campaign for greater independence of Scotland and the Scottish National Party supporting, financially and through public appearances. Haven’t gone unnoticed his public appearances in kilt and the tattoo on his arm “Scotland Forever“.

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