Item which rapresents one of the key elements of a perfect man’s wardrobe, the blazer is not just a jacket, but a viable solution, rich of personality, able to adapt to different situations.

It could be described as a jacket worn without the matching pants, this is how the American Oxford Dictionary defines it, but also referred as a garment worn by schoolchildren or athletes as part of a uniform, as stated in the English Oxford Dictionary. Undoubtedly it’s an piece with very precise in its guidelines, which significantly deviates from the formal jacket.

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The blazer isn’t part of a suit, is in generally with bright colors and is often worn over a shirt. It’s commonly found in solid colors, such as in navy blue, bottle green, white or beige, but also with stripes or squares. Today, the striped blazer are associated with very narrow clubs active in the ’20s, referring to a very vintage look. It’s shorter and adherent than a common jacket and its composition is generally in a thicker cotton. The buttons, which are one of its distinguishing features, can be: mother of pearl, silver, gold or very often with logo.

Feature characteristic of the blazer is precisely given by the logo or emblem of the school, college, club or sports team, which can be on the button, and equally often above the pocket patch placed on the chest. Basic rule to keep in mind when you decide to wear a blazer is the mismatch with pants. A perfect outfit might consist of: a navy blue blazer, a blue shirt and chinos in cream colour: simple and flawless. Impossible is to list all of the combinations that a man can build around a blue blazer, but it’s certainly perfect at work, in case it is allowed to dress in casual business way and obviously easy to wear during the weekend. Today, it’s often combined with a pair of blue jeans and a button-down shirt. A blue blazer is probably one of the best investments that a man can do for his wardrobe and it’s a garment that will never go out of fashion.

The first blazer, rigorously blue, has Anglo-Saxon and military origins: it was introduced in 1873 by the HMS Blazer, the crew of a British frigate on a visit to Queen Victoria. The commander of the frigate ordered the special double-breasted jacket in blue colour at the official suppliers of the Royal Navy, this was slightly shorter than a suit jacket, with a single central slit and gold buttons depicting the emblem of the frigate. The Queen appreciated the jacket so as to make it the official uniform for all the crews of the Royal Navy. The blazer later became customary, formal and informal. As this exactly happened can’t be reconstructed, but probably the most passionate sports maritime started to wear them during activities related to sailing clubs.

The single-breasted variant does’t have its origins to the military area, but come from jackets used by the members of the associations of rowers in nineteenth century. The single-breasted blazer is now often worn as part of school uniforms of the traditionalists college in UK and North America.

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