First of all, is important to remember that a wedding is a ceremony, and the first rule of etiquette is to not overshadow the bride and groom, leaving them masters of their big day. How to do it? Avoiding to present himself with improbable, too flashy and eccentric outfits. Here some advice and basic rule to be followed in the event that you will be invited to a wedding.

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The first tip is to be moderate, clean, simple and elegant. It’s really important to demonstrate the presence and character, paying attention to the style and details, trying to avoid to attract attention to themselves, but to be frame in the most important day for those who marry.

The variables to consider are many, such as the season, time of the day and the style of the ceremony.

First to be considered is the season: in spring and summer you can use a more informal style than in winter. Secondly, you must take into account where the wedding will take place, it’s a detail that may seem trivial, but it’s of great importance. Don’t forget, then, the time of the day in which the wedding will be celebrate. Last but not least, it’s necessary to examine the invitation print, from which will be possible to guess whether it will be a wedding classic, modern, funky or formal. For example in the case where the ceremony will be very formal, fact that you can guess already from the invitation, is specifically indicate the type of clothes to wear.

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In case the occasion is formal, the groom will wear what is most elegant option, the tight or half tight, suitable for a solemn ceremony celebrated during the day, when the bride wears a long dress. In this specific case, even the male relatives of the groom and the bride will wear it. If the wedding will be held in the evening, the groom will wear an elegant dark suit, but the directions for what will be the outfit of the guest will be unchanged.

The invitee will have to dress up with a classic dark suit, paired with a proper tie. Perfect is a two-or three pieces suit with vest, dark gray or blue, which is easily reusable on different occasions. Depending on the season, will be in wool or frescolana, or, for the more daring, in silk satin. The jacket will be single-breasted, without slits, with slip pockets. Really classic is combine the suite with a vest and a golden rule is: don’t ever use the second button of the jacket. The shirt will be white or light blue, without buttons on the collar. The tie should not be in a flashy color, but possibly be in silver-gray or blue, plain or patterned ones. Regarding the pants, these will be without lapel. The belt: elegant and clean, without obvious logos or buckles, in crocodile or black skin.

The shoe: choose the classic lace patterns combined with a sock, compulsorily long, which should be coordinated to the shoe, so possibily dark. Perfect: a matt black calfskin shoes, not too shiny. Don’t underestimate the importance of a pair of twins, while they are to avoid any type of jewelry, except for the wedding ring and a smart watch, which will have an alligator strap or black leather. Better not to wear sunglasses.

For an informal wedding celebrated during the day: a suit with a classic shirt. For the color of the shirt, go ahead to the imagination, as long as you don’t opt for bright colors. Definitely avoid the use of jeans or overly sporty and informal clothes. Regarding the shoes, it may opt for elegant loafers or lace-up shoes.

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  1. Sì, al tirar delle somme, quando si è invitati ad un matrimonio, direi che l’abito blu rappresenta la perfezione in qualunque caso 🙂
    Tuttavia da parecchi anni, in questo caso, evito la camicia bianca + cravatta blu; dubito ci sia una spiegazione razionale, ma abbinate all’abito blu più di una persona storce il naso, forse rimanda la sensazione di una divisa boh. Così opto per una camicia rigata oppure (se scelgo la camicia bianca) una cravatta con una fantasia.

  2. Good Afternoon,
    In two weeks, I will have a wedding, so I am thinking and checking blogs about how to wear. I like your “be moderate, clean, simple and elegant”, i think i found an idea: my double crossed suit, stripped shirt and, this is the most important part, i don’t want to wear tie or bow; i decide to wear an old fashionable Hermes scarf from my Mom. Here appears my problem, this is scarf is 90 cm, so I decide to wear double knot, like a painter-bohemian. What do you think about it?

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