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You all know I love to be comfortable, and we’ll have the chance to discuss that topic in one of the following weeks, so I couldn’t help but rejoice when I saw the last two collection by Chanel, where there were no heels, but only sneakers! I feel legitimated to run around in my kicks without being told I dress like a kid or in a sloppy way.
Right now, sneakers are “the it-thing”. I won’t deal with basketball shoes, that are collectible items and would need a post on their own, I’ll just tell you what are the most covetable sneakers for fashionable people from my personal perspective.

First of all, the running sneaker, from the fancy and upscale Chanel version, to the more affordable Nike, is definitely a must have: since its release, Nike Flynits have been adopted by women everywhere as the ultimate commuting shoes, while at the shows, front rows resemble more a starting line than the usual shoe heaven. I fell in love with my bright pink Flynit last year in New York, where I purchased them as a performance shoe, but soon realised that I wouldn’t let them be confined in my closet come the day I’ll start running, they’re so beautiful, fun and coloured that they have become a staple in my wardrobe- I am only afraid I’ll get so used to being so comfortable in them I’ll never be able to wear another kind of shoe!

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New Balances have a similar shape, but softer colours, and have been for quite some time a lifestyle sneaker to have. Alexa Chung has recently paired them with a Stella McCartney suit to seat front row at Calvin Klein’s show.

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Céline and Givenchy are responsible for the renaissance of the slip on, the large and flat shoe, that these brands have made elegant and refined. I like it paired with soft jackets and slim trousers, cut at the ankle, for a boyish and effortlessly cool look. This season, most designers have revisited the style, from pointy toe Miu Miu, to leopard Saint Laurent, to Jimmy Choo, to the special collaboration between Kenzo and Vans, skaters’ favourite brand.

Could I forget about the Adidas Stan Smiths? They are Phoebe Philo and Marc Jacobs preferred shoe and we couldn’t be more delighted by their return on the fashion scene. Marc Jacobs attending the first Marc by Marc Jacobs show not designed by him is a fashion statement all to himself.

This is my wish list, what do you think? Did I miss something? Do you think sneakers can go with evening gowns and polished outfits or should they be paired only with active apparel? Last but not least, do you actually love them or would you rather see them only at the gym or on the running field?


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  1. Secondo me hai dimenticato le Munich Goal, che con le sue mille varianti di colori sono tra le sneaker più fashion esistenti (oltre ad essere tra le scarpe più comode mai indossate)

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