It’s the first time I’m showing this cape on the blog. I bought it in Florence last January and since that moment I’ve worn it very often.
it’s so soft, suitable for all the occasions and the perfect touch giving twist to a “normal” look.

We have so many projects going on and Milan fashion week is also starting in two days. I’m not ready at all! :S

What to you think about this look?
Have a good day

 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_5.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_6.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_8.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_4.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_1.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_3.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_9.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_2.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_menswear_fashion_blogger_7.jpg

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