How to tie a bow tie

Type of men’s necktie, bow tie is a symmetrical and compact size bow that closes the collar of the shirt.

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Elegance forbids you to wear a pretied bow tie, the one with elastic, so you need to know how to make a perfect bow tie’s knot. The occasions on which to wear a tuxedo are usually very rare, but you have to be prepared. With a tuxedo, the bow tie should be in grosgrain or satin silk, while when worn with a tailcoat, which is one of the most important accessories, it has to be in white piqué. But generally, the bow tie can be made of different materials, such as wool or cotton, and presents geometric patterns, when worn with a more casual outfits.

He made its first appearance in the second half of the nineteenth century on a elegante suit, used by men with liberal and nonconformist spirits. Strictly in a black color, took the name of bow ties, only in the early years of the twentieth century, in honor of Puccini. The composer led it in occasion of the presentation of his Butterfly at La Scala in Milan, so in french it took the name papillon. Today, despite it lost its historical memory, it remains the prerogative of those who want to stand out in the field of culture and art. There is also a targeted use of bow tie: who by profession, such as doctors, waiters and painters must often bend, it replaces the tie, long and therefore uncomfortable.

Steps to obtain an impeccable bow tie’s knot:

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1. Make a simple knot allowing more length on the right end A to your tie.

2. Move the right end A upwards and fold the left end B into a classic bow shape over the knot you have made.

3. Release the right end A positioning it vertically over the folded left end B.

4. Now fold back the right end A on itself  and place it over the knot to create a cross.

5. Slip the right end A under and behind the left side (yours) of the knot and through the loop behind the golden end B.

6. Fasten the knot up, smoothing out any crumples and creasse especially on both sides of the knot. At the end, the width of the bow tie should theoretically be equivalent to the distance between the pupils of your eyes.

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