I still remember my first backpack: it was a blue and light blue Invicta with a dolphin on the right side. It was almost bigger than me.
Trough the years I switched to Seven and then I began high school with my first Eastpack.

Over the years, my passion for bags increased and now my closet is full of them: handbags, shoulder bags, briefcases, clutches.
I think that this is a mandatory accessory even for men.I hate having my pockets full of things and especially to walk around with the fear of losing something.

What do you think of the combination men/bags?

Have a good day

 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_5.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_1.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_8.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_7.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_9.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_2.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_4.jpg
 photo Filippo_Fiora_italian_menswear_fashion_blogger_3.jpg

Royal Hem blazer
Tailor made shirt
J.Brand Jeans
Stefano Mano backpack
Massimo Dutti shoes
Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses
Hèrmes tie

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  1. The combination of a formal tie and blazer, mixed with the casual/laid back feel of the navy colored jeans worked perfectly well together. Not to mention the amazing leather backpack to finish off the look. I personally loved the burgundy and silver colored handkerchief, which added a little pop of color to your outfit, but it was not too vibrant to overshadow or distract the other pieces of clothing. Your look is very street style, which I absolutely admire. I definitely got inspired by the pairing of an array of different colors which work in harmony with each other, I’m going to pair a look similar to this one. Thank you Filippo!

  2. I think bags are totally cool for men too!
    I also love them, and this one it´s completly amazing! I really really like it, and makes a great match with the rest of the outfit. Every men should have a nice bag to use.

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