Suspenders: history and characteristics

The suspenders or braces  in modern style were designed by Sir Albert Thurston in 1822, period in which kings, princes and prime ministers began to buy them at his London boutique. Loved in England, for traditional reasons, and in United States, for their comfort, are formed by two parallel strips on the front and then go to weave an X or Y behind the back. Then they engage pants with clips and buckles or via buttons, a refined version which requires specific pants designed for this purpose. Suspenders in good quality always maintain pants in place, properly highlighting the crease, and along with a high waist trousers they accentuate the vertical line and the slim figure.

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Designed to be worn under the vest, suspenders should’t be left exposed and, therefore, they should be worn under a buttoned jacket. They are currently living a new season and, in addition to the traditional morning coat, could be a perfect combination with shirts and pants, show with colors, styles and special shapes.

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If combined with a formal suit, they must be made ​​of silk, matched to the rest of the outfit and always worn without a belt. If worn with a more casual look can be in felt, leather and with colorful designs. In many gentleman, common is the tendency to adopt colored suspenders even under a tuxedo, quirk that is not objectionable, provided you don’t abuse it.  The best suspenders for a tuxedo suit are in white moiré with the surface traversed by veins and with textile attacks of the same color, in order to maintain the drama of the black and white contrast of a black tie outfit.

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Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street

Some men’s suspenders are entirely made ​of elastic material, others have rigid straps with the elastic only in the rear turnbuckle. The former are much more comfortable to be worn, but, without a doubt, the palm of elegance goes to the latter, often in bright and multicolored silk. Attacks can be in leather or textile, in the first case, the model will certainly tone with sporty clothes on against this, while, the textile attacks, usually gros grain, combined with straps made ​​of silk are perfect for formal clothes.

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Larry King during Larry King Live Show on CNN

It is recommended to attach the suspenders to the pants before wearing them: buckles must be placed directly on the first two loops more internal of the belt, for the X model they can also be set to a greater distance, in order to obtain a better support.

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Brooks Brothers suspenders

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Paul Newman

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