Angela Missoni offers a modern man that is a business man and at the same time a nomadic. The reference is to the Australian surfers, men who work in big cities, but, when they can, run to ride the waves.

Missoni’s man has a safe and relaxed style, he wears garments characterized by shades of gray, blue and red. The protagonists of her look for next fall will be capes, along with maxi bags in soft leather and ovesize sweaters.
Capes like patchwork quilts: warm, private, wrap around. Soft wool trousers with stripes, cardigans with wide necks, suede ankle boots, sandals with fur.

 photo M-TheThreeF-3.jpg
 photo Missoni-TheThreeF-1.jpg
 photo M-TheThreeF-7.jpg
 photo M-TheThreeF-4.jpg
 photo Missoni-TheThreeF-2.jpg
 photo M-TheThreeF-6.jpg
 photo M-TheThreeF-5.jpg

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