I thought I would find the cold once in Paris.
I found sun and spring-like climate instead. This city always surprises me, in one way or another.

I am writing you from a train, destination Geneva. The SIHH is waiting for us.

Have a nice day

 photo IMG_7957copia.jpg photo IMG_7946.jpg photo IMG_7979copia.jpg photo IMG_7929x.jpg photo IMG_7910.jpg photo IMG_8248.jpg photo IMG_7926.jpg photo IMG_8047s.jpg photo IMG_7961.jpg photo IMG_8166.jpg photo IMG_8220.jpg photo IMG_8141.jpg photo IMG_8003s.jpg photo IMG_8084d.jpg
  • Kiton sheepskin and fur coat
  • Royal Hem blazer
  • Jil Sander shirt
  • Vintage tie
  • Incotex pants
  • Barracuda shoes (on sale here)
  • Delirious sunglasses
  • Rolex Explorer II watch

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