For Fall / Winter 2014 Ferragamo explores the peculiarities of materials and colors creating a collection made ​​of pure lines, overlays and textures.

From an urban dimension there is a switch to personal situations, intimate and private, where the softness of the home environment dissolves the rigors of metropolitan areas.

The warm shades of carpets are spread on jackets and coats, dressing gowns from home become outwear, the fringes of a blanket become fine details. The synthesis of the essential silhouette shifts the focus on chromatically interesting surfaces feature textures and patterns of stripes. Colors play on shades of blue, lands, creams, and broken through unexpected green.

 photo Ferragamo-TheThreeF-1.jpg
 photo Ferragamo-TheThreeF-2.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-3.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-9.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-7.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-4.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-5.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-10.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-6.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-8.jpg
 photo F-TheThreeF-11.jpg

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