#Throwback to 2013.

Too many emotions come from scrolling our 2013 through the blog. We’ve just left a year full of excitement and news.

During 2013 the The Three F has changed, a lot. From a personal blog we become two, Filippo F and Filippo C.
At the beginning a quite risky choice but, at the end, it turned out to be probably the best decision ever. We are really glad that you have supported our choice. 🙂

The blog has also gained new sections, including the super popular “Gent ‘s Club“.
But the growth of the team  hasn’t stopped yet. Last spring Anna, author of the brilliant “Girl’s Corner”, reached us and and soon the “family” will grow again. 🙂

Last year we also traveled extensively. Sometimes we felt like gypsies but this is definitely one of the best aspects of our work.

In the last months we have been in Barcelona with Mercedes, twice in Rome with IWC and for the “Internazionali di tennis championship” along with Audemars Piguet, in the Amalfi Coast for the fantastic Yamacruise, in Naples, in Florence for the two editions of Pitti, several times in Paris to follow the fashion weeks and together with Paco Rabanne , in the beautiful Australia for the 50th Wool Trophy with Ermenegildo Zegna, in London for Burberry and his show last June, in Basel and Zurich for Art Basel, in Venice for the Biennale along with Audemars Piguet again, in Taormina with Hamilton for “Nastri d’Argento” film festival, New York and Los Angeles once again with Hamilton last month.

We’ve also been faces for several digital campaigns: the launch of Paco Rabanne Invictus perfume, the anniversary of the iconic Gucci horsebit loafers, Tombolini Zero Gravity suits, Safilo and Fay .
We’ve been also the protagonists of videos for the launch of the new Fiat 500GQ , for Philips Fidelio and Citiscape headphones (we entirely developed the project), a style guide for Red Sox Appeal.

Next Steps? A new bigger house (with a huge walk-in closet ) where settle a real office, enlarging our team , developing business abroad, enriching the Gent ‘s Club and definitely looking for new ways to express our creativity.

We all have to believe in ourself and aim high, higher and higher .

We wish you a wonderful 2014 full of joy and satisfactions.
Never stop believing in dreams, they come true sometimes. 😉
Filippo and Filippo

 photo 8.jpg photo 1.jpg photo 10a.jpg photo 2.jpgpress_Filippo_Fiora_4.png-original photo 4.jpg photo 6.jpg photo 5.jpg photo 9.jpg photo 7.jpg photo 2a.jpg photo 1a.jpg photo 11.jpg photo 12.jpg photo 13.jpg photo 14.jpg photo 15.jpg photo 3a.jpg photo 16.jpg photo 9a.jpg photo 17.jpg photo IMG_6964fjpgoriginal.jpg photo 18.jpg photo 19.jpg photo 20.jpg photo 21.jpg photo 22.jpg photo 23.jpg photo IMG_8318-1fjpgoriginal.jpg photo 24.jpg photo 26.jpg photo 25.jpg photo 28.jpg photo 27.jpg photo 29.jpg photo IMG_0692gjpgoriginal.jpg photo 30.jpg photo MVI_9758copiagif-original.gif photo 31.jpg photo IMG_2068jpgoriginal.jpg photo 34.jpg photo 32.jpg photo 33.jpg photo IMG_3390rjpgoriginal.jpg photo 35.jpg photo 7a.jpg photo IMG_7243fjpgoriginal.jpg photo 36.jpg photo 37.jpgSchermata-2013-06-28-alle-00.12.09 photo 38.jpg photo 4a.jpg photo IMG_0364f2jpgoriginal.jpg photo IMG_0431jpgoriginal.jpg photo 39.jpg photo 6a.jpg photo 40.jpg photo 41.jpg photo IMG_4292f.jpg photo 42.jpg photo 44.jpg photo 43.jpg photo 45.jpg photo 46.jpg photo 7D9B4086d.jpg photo 7D9B4437d.jpg photo 47.jpg photo 48.jpg photo 57.jpgIMG_9c001.jpg photo 49.jpg photo IMG_390c3.jpg photo 50.jpg photo IMG_414hc9copia.jpg photo 51.jpg photo 52.jpg photo IMG_78c70.jpg photo 54.jpg photo Filippo-C-mercedes-oriz-color-per-Web-640jpgoriginal.jpg photo 55.jpg photo 58.jpg photo IMG_49f85jpgoriginal.jpg photo 59.jpg photo 60.jpg photo IMG_6014copiajpgoriginal.jpg photo IMG_663x2copia.jpg photo 62.jpg photo 61.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-1.jpg photo 63.jpg photo 7D9B24f36.jpg photo 64.gif photo 65.jpg photo 56.jpg

We wish you a great 2014!!

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  1. You guys have an amazing eye for art! I admire you guys for having the ability to inspire and educate people in the best way possible. Keep up the great work in promoting the beauty and culture of Italy.

    Thank you very much and I wish you both a happy new year with bright new beginnings!