The briefcase is the most beloved bag by business people and lawyers, today is adapting to technological change and becomes more practical and intelligent with regard to interior spaces, more elegant and refined in the choice of leathers.

Briefcase are descendants of soft bags used in the ‘300 to transport money and valuables. The first modern rectangular briefcase has been introduced in the 1850s, but it was around 1930, when the travel experience started to become common, which occurred between diversification traveling bag and briefcase.

An essential accessory for a business man, a time custody of papers, pens and papers, has changed over time becoming the container shape and size of laptops, tablets and smartphones. If, in fact, the first and internal arrangement was for funds, which are useful to divide the various documents, is now full of details and compartments to hold objects technology and related accessories, such as chargers, headsets, hard drives.

The models may be different, elegant with short handles and leather, sportive if in fabric and with shoulder strap. Accessory irreplaceable and still very much present on the catwalk, a must-have for a man running against the clock, along with its briefcase.

 photo Louis-Vuitton-2Briefcase_TheThreeF.jpg

Louis Vuitton

 photo Louis-Vuitton-Briefcase_TheThreeF.jpg

Louis Vuitton

 photo Valextra_Briefcase_TheThreeF.jpg


 photo Valextra_briefcase2_TheThreeF.jpeg

 photo Gucci_Briefcase_TheThreeF.png


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