Borsalino hat: how to care for it

Pratical, elegant, perfect for shelter from bad weather. For almost 150 years the Borsalino hat is a must have in male elegance. Invented by Giuseppe Borsalino in 1857, within few years were built different models, later worn by the main celebrities of movies and entertainment world: Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and of course Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo in 1970, in movie precisely called Borsalino.

Over the years, the Borsalino hat became so famous, used and imitated to be identify non only as a brand but as a model itself. The line is formed by a dome of a truncated cone, touched in the front by two dimples called “drafts”. They are the points of contact of the hat, very useful to quickly remove it in case of a greeting to an elegant lady.

 photo Borsalino.png

But what are the guidelines to ensure that this beautiful hat can maintain all of its allure over the time?

For what is about cleanliness, good use is to use a soft bristles clothes brush: clean the hat starting from the front and moving down, then move counterclockwise towards the crown and finally brush the bottom of the brim clockwise. The most difficult stains should be lightly wetted with water and carefully swabbed, or rub with fine sandpaper in a circular motion.

About the care, you should worry of placing it always upside down, in fact lay the hat on its crown preserve the natural curves and the strokes on the brink. When you wear it, remember to adjust it by the brim, pick it up and fix it by holding the front and back to the brim with both hands. At the end of the season, the Borsalino must be placed inside a bag with anti moth balls and put it in a special box for hat.

Do not overexpose the hat to water: although it’s done to protect the head from rain and moisture, can discolour lose it’s original shape. In case you happen to run in a shower, later do not expose it to heat, but dab the brim with a damp sponge and hang it on a proper support. Finally, do not leave your hat to long time exposed to the sun, may be discolour and shrink.

 photo Bogart_Casablanca_Borsalino.png
Alain_Delon_Borsalino photo Alain_Delon_JeanPaul_Belmondo_Borsalino.png
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  1. How can I get a strawhat that has cracked and split at the crown replaced the hat seller said tape it on the inside I contacted Borsalino and was given the customer service answer for the price I paid for this I expected get a lot of use since I live in the northeastern USA I can only wear my straws a few months of the year. any help would appreciated

    Ron Mciver

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