A good quality shirt.

How to recognize a good quality shirt?

While menswear is not immune to the natural evolution of fashion industry, there are a few wardrobe essentials that have survived the test of time.
One of these is definitely the shirt. A good quality shirt is that kind of evergreen that endures the time.

I can accept (almost) everything in fashion but not bad quality in shirts. I love going for the “su misura” but sometimes even “ready to wear” can be an excellent choice.

Today I want to unveil some tips to recognize a good quality shirt.

1. Fabric.
Fabric is the key because it’s immediately perceived by the wearer. I never go synthetic: I just don’t like it.
If you want know more about fabrics for shirts, you should check out this other article from Gent’s Club.


2. Fabric pattern matching.
A shirt is made of different pieces of fabric.
When patterned the different pieces must perfectly matching. This guarantee the great skill and care of the manufacturer.

pattern matching shirt

3.  Removable collar stays.
The collar (read more here) is the most striking and visible feature on a shirt; that’s why its construction must be impeccable.
For some kinds of collars, like the Kent collar or the Cutaway collar, collar stays are mandatory.
Stays help the collar to keep its curvature, especially with the tie.

Generally they are made of plastic but some old-school tailors still opt for brass ones.

bacchette colletto camicia

4. Quality buttons.
The quality of the shirt also depends on its buttons. According to tradition, mother of pearl buttons should be mandatory for every kinds of shirts.
Nowadays even unusual materials like cuir, ivory or wood are accepted on casual shirts.

Please: keep away from plastic buttons!


5. Stitching.
A good quality shirt should have at least 8 stitching per cm. Sewing is always done with a single needle even for the double stitching.
The best place to check the quality of the stitching on the shirt is the collar.

Overcast stitch

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