The day after Christmas

I walk in a empty Milan where the air is strange. It’s that kind of air that you feel just after holidays.
It reminds me Christmas is over and that now everything will go go back to normal.
I walk with my GAP sleeveless down jacket in the city and I lose myself in its empty streets that seems brand new to me.
Have a good day!

Filippo C

 photo IMG_987f8.jpg photo IMG_0238c.jpg
 photo IMG_99v62.jpg
 photo IMG_012d1.jpg
 photo IMG_005v9.jpg
 photo IMG_034f8.jpg
 photo IMG_999c6.jpg
 photo IMG_97c83.jpg
 photo IMG_01x84.jpg
 photo IMG_005d3.jpg
 photo IMG_022c4.jpg photo IMG_025f1.jpg
 photo IMG_993f0.jpg
 photo IMG_033f9.jpg
 photo IMG_971x1.jpg

I’m wearing
Gap Sleeveless down jacket
Gap sweater

– Audemars Piguet watch
– Boglioli pants
– Louis Vuitton document holder

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  1. il mio ragazzo oggi mi ha mostrato il vostro blog e ne sono rimasta veramente impressionata per il vostro buon gusto ed eleganza.
    Avete una follower in più! 🙂

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