10 style tips to face a job interview.

What should I wear for a job interview? They say that one of the main dilemmas in terms of dress code is definitely related to the right look for a job interview.

Everyone knows that getting a new job is not only a matter of curriculum and that the so called “first impression” counts. In fact every HR considers our outfit an important basis on which starting to judge us.

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Following 10 style tips to tackle head-on the most difficult part of the selection:

1.Avoid polo shirts (or even worse, t-shirts).
Going to a job interview too casual is risky: we have to do our best to show respect for the company and towards the HR.
If a polo shirt is a borderline option, a t-shirt is unacceptable. If you don’t want to go for a “We’ll let you know… ” wear a plain white or light blue shirt. Make also sure the shirt is well ironed because a rumpled one shows lack of precision.

2.Tie: yes or no?
It depends on the company: for younger and dynamic businesses is not essential while for big companies it’s mandatory.
One more advice: avoid too bright colors, unusual patterns and don’t care about the opinions of mothers or grandmothers. They are just happy because you are wearing a tie so they won’t care about which kind of tie you are wearing.


3. Natural hair, please!
No gels, sprays, wet effect solutions… nothing ! It’s better to opt for a “good old boy ” look during the interview .

4. Jeans? Why not.
We always tend to consider jeans too casual and not suitable for a job interview. Personally I think that a simple pair of dark blue jeans with a nice wash can be a good solution. Ripped jeans are not permitted, of course.

5. Suit or blazer and slacks?
As it is for the tie, it depends on the business in which we are applying for. A good quality with a nice cut suit is always a good solution. If we just own something lazy and poor in quality opting for a pair of chinos, a nice shirt and a sweater is definitely better.

6. Do not wear expensive watches.
To avoid the envy of the examiner is always better to be low profile: this is the kind of situation where a Flick Flack is better than a Patek Philippe.


7. Avoid sneakers.
Leave your beloved sneakers at home. A man can be described by four things: his house , his car , his wife and his shoes. Avoid to “stumble ” into this mistake and choose a more formal pair like loafers or oxford shoes. Even desert boots are admitted.

8. No briefcase.
If you don’t want to look a young Gordon Gekko leave the briefcase at home. IT’s better to opt for a document-holder: younger and less formal .


9. Scented…but not to much!
The fragrance is the final touch of outfit. You can use it always but in moderation: if the trails effect is vulgar in women, it’s unbearable in men! Discard amber or incense perfumes and choose a fresh eau de toilette like one with citrus notes.

10. No piercings, tattoos, necklaces, rings.
Get rid of everything superficial.  At the interview you must look clean: avoid everything that could distract your HR.
Necklace? Get rid of it! Piercing? Get rid of it, too! Tattoos? Try to cover them up on just hope your HR has one bigger than yours.

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    1. Quando si dice look alla “Gordon Gekko”si esce dalla sola immagine del personaggio interpretato da Douglas ma ci riferisce ad una più vasta categoria di uomini.

  1. When you go for an interview, first of all think about your upper part of the outfit. Shirt is very essential, even more important rather than a suit. I know that light blue is the perfect color for the interviews. And white collar, for example, keeps you classy and elegant with a hint to self-confidence. I would really suggest on trying custom-made shirts (www.albertstrom.com). At least to have one for interviews and important business meetings. 8)


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