Grey is the color

It’s hard for me to wear black or grey. My readers may have noticed it.
I like to play with pastel colors during summertime while in the colder months I like natural tints like browns, blues or reds. It’s not easy to find an outfit of mine without colors.
On the contrary today I wear a total grey look made up of two tonalities: the Salvatore Ferragamo leather trench coat is dark grey while Boglioli pants are a lighter shade. The shoulder briefcase lights up the look while the brown brogues and tie create a contrast that balances the whole look. Any thought?
Have a good day!

Filippo C

 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-7.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-11.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-9.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-3.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-4.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-1.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-6.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-8.jpg
 photo IMG_869c3.jpg

– Salvatore Ferragamo leather trench coat
– Salvatore Ferragamo briefcase
– Boglioli pants
– Rayban Clubmaster P
– Belfiore shoes

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