It’s hard for me to wear black or grey. My readers may have noticed it.
I like to play with pastel colors during summertime while in the colder months I like natural tints like browns, blues or reds. It’s not easy to find an outfit of mine without colors.
On the contrary today I wear a total grey look made up of two tonalities: the Salvatore Ferragamo leather trench coat is dark grey while Boglioli pants are a lighter shade. The shoulder briefcase lights up the look while the brown brogues and tie create a contrast that balances the whole look. Any thought?
Have a good day!

Filippo C

 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-7.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-11.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-9.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-3.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger.jpg photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-4.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-1.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-6.jpg
 photo salvatore-ferragamo-filippo-cirulli-fashion-blog-uomo-menswear-blogger-8.jpg
 photo IMG_869c3.jpg

– Salvatore Ferragamo leather trench coat
– Salvatore Ferragamo briefcase
– Boglioli pants
– Rayban Clubmaster P
– Belfiore shoes

  1. I love this outfit.Seriously it´s the best one I´ve seen on the blog for weeks!
    When I first saw the trench I though it should be Burberry but turns out Salvatore is doing a pretty good job himself!

  2. Nei tuoi ultimi look si capisce come ti stia raffinando nello stile e come il tuo gusto si stia evolvendo di pari passo con la tua self confidence. Sono contento del successo che state ottenendo perchè finalmente viene riconosciuto il merito di chi effettivamente dà una reale ispirazione in questa blogosfera a volte molto piatta.
    Buona serata!V

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