This week the Girls’ corner is all about fitness. Winter is approaching and with it all the delicious greasy comfort food that I love so much, but also are skinny jeans and for the bravest fashion girls crop tops (apparently, they never go out of style, they’re gonna be big next spring/summer!).

I have decided that this winter I’ll try to channel the Parisienne look, so difficult to get right, best embodied by Emmanuelle Alt and go-to brands Iro, Maje and Sandro. That said, I need to be skinny, toned and with some nice calfs. After 26 years, I have given up on a toned abdomen and realised that I don’t have any abdominal muscles, I believe I’ll use some comfy, boyish sweaters also this year.
When I read about the “Barrecore” studio in London, I had to try it. The barre workout is a very popular fitness discipline in the US and was imported in London by one of Tracy Andersons’s instructor (Tracy is the woman behind Gwyneth Paltrow astonishing physique- Gwyneth is my debatable muse). It is an hybrid between pilates, dance and tiny small movements to be done at the barre, similar to the ones classical dancers perform while training. The promise is that you’ll achieve that beautiful, lean and long body that dancers have, toned but not bulky, focusing on abs, glues and thighs.

I was sold! The workout is very powerful, I started sweating and shaking after the first 15 minutes of class- I have to admit that I’m not in a good shape, as I haven’t done any sport in months… Luckily, the instructors encourage you a lot not to give up, making you think about the upcoming party season and the nice dresses you’ll wear (in the meantime, when I heard the word “Christmas” I started thinking about stuffed turkey and gravy, panettone with vanilla ice cream and all the festive food, but whatever…). I also have to say, since we are on topic and I have not made enough of a fool of myself yet, that I felt quite self conscious, walking, in my H&M leggings and a big t-shirt I use to cover my not-so-toned tummy, in a studio full of fit, skinny girls, all in technical cool apparel- the feeling immediately disappeared once we were all working out, as the fashionable girls were sweating and shaking as well! (By the way, where do you stand? Super cool apparel or ripped leggings and large tees?)

The barre experience is just an excuse to start debating on fitness routine. I am lazy by nature, I’ve tried a number of sports, I’ve taken up running, swimming, pilates, even hired a personal trainer for sometime, anything to avoid getting bored and giving up after the third class! So far, the only workout I can commit to is yoga. What do you like? Are you fitness junkies or do you stay fit because it’s good for your health? Do you practise any sport at all? Do you have fun doing it or can’t you just wait to get over it?

barre workout

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