first love is hard to forget

Last day I decided to put in place my wardrobe and so I tried to discard the less appealing stuff.
I followed Anna advice and when to choose between what to keep and what to give away I asked myself: “did I used it last year?”
In this stressful and confused situation an old Yves Saint Laurant sweater came to my attention, it was my first purchase of the brand during my early adolescence.
I’m very fond of this sweater (that strange affection for the objects you can’t explain) and so it was impossible to me to discard it.
In fact I decided to wear it in this new post.
After 10 years I find again this sweater that I haven’t forgotten, like all the real first loves.
Do you have any old garment like mine you particularly love?

Have a good day!

Filippo C

 photo IMG_9623c.jpg
 photo IMG_971c4copia.jpg
 photo IMG_96f68.jpg
 photo IMG_972j8.jpg
 photo IMG_963c4.jpg photo IMG_973c8.jpg photo IMG_950d6.jpg
 photo IMG_956x6.jpg
 photo IMG_965c4.jpg
 photo IMG_952c8-1.jpg

I was wearing:
– Yves Saint Laurent sweater
Spitfire sunglasses (buy it here)
– Regent’s shoes
– Dior jeans
– Prada suitcase

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  1. Outfit come al solito Perfetto Fil 😉 Il maglione sembra appena uscito dal negozio! Io penso che a volte spendere di più per una cosa “Griffata” sia utile proprio per la qualità del prodotto..

    Ps: quando hai tempo puoi dedicare un post sui bracciali maschili? Grazie 🙂

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