Today I’ll deal with two of my favourite topics ever: fashion and food.
I am such a “foodie”, one of those weird people that go crazy for top quality food, who dine both in the best restaurants of the world (when on expense account) and food trucks, wherever the food is good, buy local and organic, read food blogs, watch Gordon Ramsay teach them how to cook scrambled eggs on Youtube and before going on vacation have already planned the itinerary based on the restaurants they want to try.

 photo strawberry-lemonade-cupcake2.jpg

Lately, given the Instagram craze for #foodporn, many models and fashion bloggers are sharing their love for cooking and eating. Let’s just think about Karlie Kloss and the cookies she created with NY based hipster bakery Momofuku Milk Bar, which fed the fashion crowds last week, Cara Delevigne and Jordan Dunn snapped eating McDonald’s take out backstage at London Fashion Week, model Chrissy Teigen, John Legend’s brand new bride, who is also a food blogger, not to mention macarons, fashion food par excellence.

 photo a_4x.jpg
 photo Macarons-il-dolce-francese-che-fa-impazzire-gli-Italiani.jpg

However, we have to deal with the pressure to be thin the society imposes on all. Sometimes I wish I was born “a skinny bitch” and think everything would be easier if I wasn’t obsessed with good food (probably, my Italian DNA plays a role here), I swear you guys, I try to resist, but I enjoy eating way too much!
So, don’t you think it’s a shame we have to deprive ourselves if we want to rock the latest fashion? And isn’t it a paradox that models make us believe they eat, when we see them on the runaway and they are so slim? Do you think they eat at all? And if so, do you think they eat paleo/gluten-free/super healthy, whatever the latest food craze is, or do they eat junk food as well?
What do you guys do? Do you behave badly? Do you overindulge? Do you feel the pressure to be skinny or not? Bikini season may be gone, and so might be ice creams, but looming upon us is the season of both skinny jeans and chocolate fondants, stuffed turkey and apple pie… Mmm, decisions, decisions!!

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 photo coco-chanel-the-new-mcdonalds.jpg

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  1. Bisogna sentirsi bene con il proprio corpo e sapersi valorizzare anche se ‘curvy’, ora fra l’altro le case di moda lanciano linee ad hoc, quindi…se uno è magro di costituzione va bene, se affronta diete sfinenti per rimanere un grissino c’è un comportamento poco sano dietro. Questa è la mia opinione, ciao!

  2. “una di questi soggetti pazzi per il mangiare di qualità”;”basta che si mangi bene, che comprano solo biologico e a km”.
    Ora non è cattiveria,ma solo nel primo paragrafo ci sono due errori GRAVI di grammatica…

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