Finally my first pictures from Paris.
It was a unexpected escape -we decided to leave the day before- but it is the best way in order to relax and to get stronger and stronger after a crazy September.
We took the pictures in Palais Royal garden where the first yellow leaves shows that Autumn is about to begin.
I chose a light colors outfit that perfectly matches the grey sky of a September day in Paris.
What do you think about it?
Have a good day,

Filippo C

 photo IMG_71f86.jpg
 photo IMG_72f45.jpg
 photo IMG_6t862.jpg
 photo IMG_74c40.jpg
 photo IMG_71g66.jpg
 photo IMG_7c550.jpg
 photo IMG_6932.jpg
 photo IMG_686g4.jpg
 photo IMG_7v144.jpg
 photo IMG_69v66.jpg
 photo IMG_757f5.jpg
 photo IMG_7s223.jpg

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