I moved. In the hottest weekend ever, my family has switched houses. I’m not gonna talk about the heat wave from which we suffered, though. Let’s concentrate on the serious things: I now have a walk-in closet! Excited to be like Carrie Bradshaw, I braved the heat and started unpacking right away the 4 boxes of clothes I believed I own. It felt like the right number of boxes to have, few, essential things, to be worn over and over.

Little did I know that other boxes were still to come, and when I was trying to squeeze the last bag in, I begged the mover not to carry any more boxes with shoes! In the end, I guess the boxes were 12 or something like that. Anyway, I ended up counting the number of shoes I have and got ashamed of myself, went to Muji to buy additional storage because the closet cannot fit all my winter stuff and begin to wonder when clothes are too many. I felt like Ted helping Marshall and Lily move to Italy: “have you used it in the last year? No? It goes!” After all that, I still want to buy new stuff for fall… So, I’d like your opinion, how do you approach buing things? Are you a slave to the latest fashion, especially now that pre-fall collections are in store starting June, when we have not yet been able to take advantage of the sales, or do you only buy few key pieces that are meant to last a lifetime?



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  1. You want everything, but in fact you have nothing. Because everything is important, nothing is important.

    It would be better to take this opportunity to step back, clean out the closet space, let the clothes breathe and live.

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