Last week I went to see Sofia Coppola’s latest movie, The Bling Ring. The movie is based on real events, a teen gang obsessed with glamour and fame robbed a bunch of celebrities’ mansions for fun, stealing clothes, jewellery and cash. Celebrities include Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom.
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I have to say that I love Sofia Coppola, and that everything she makes I love as well, so don’t expect an impartial review of the movie. As with all Coppola’s movies, this is a perfect mixture of modern direction, a killer soundtrack, deep meaning and brilliant fashion (the introductory scene with all the Louboutins is to die for!).

All of her movies are about glamour and all have a good dose of her angelino background, but this is the movie that most directly engages with themes popular in LA and portraits perfectly the LA lifestyle, where everyone is obsessed with making it and being part of the elite. I kinda saw myself in the characters during the driving scenes, cruising the boulevards and singing to Jay Z’s songs… ah, sweet LA life, how much I miss you!
Also the clothing is very LA, they wear Juicy Couture tracksuits and steal from the Hollywood villas Hervé Léger second-skin clothes, Chanel, Hermès and Vuitton bags, diamonds and sunglasses. With all these beautiful things, the gang becomes envied and respected, and gains easy access to all the “places to be” (and, believe me, gaining access to a famous club in LA without having to fight with the bouncer is hard, it’s all about who you know, there!).
So, the reason I am featuring “The Bling Ring” in today’s post is that I want to know your opinion. Are we so obsessed with fame, glamour and luxury? Do designer clothes make us feel wanted, appreciated and loved? Do cool things make us cool?

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  1. Apprezzo molto i post di Anna, danno un valore aggiunto al sito, un motivo un più per seguire t3f. E’ stata un’ottima mossa includere questo tipo di articoletti sul blog (anche se ormai, definirlo blog appare riduttivo).

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