I already know that I will receive a lot of critics after these pictures because of this wide open shirt, nevertheless I would never show just clean and perfect outfits in order to receive comments like “cool” or “beautiful” only.

I’m in Sardegna and for an aperitif with friends by the pool I chose to wear this light blue tailor made cotton shirt without collar and buttons (similar here), beige Incotex trousers with a thin rope belt.

Then: pass or fail?
Have a nice day

 photo 7D9B6096.jpg
 photo 7D9B5936.jpg
 photo 7D9B6105.jpg
 photo 7D9B6225.jpg
 photo 7D9B6326copia.jpg photo 7D9B6272.jpg
 photo 7D9B6285x.jpg

Tailor made shirt (similar here)
Incotex pants (buy here)
Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses
Santoni shoes
Rolex mod. Explorer II watch

  1. Hi Filippo,
    Your pictures are always so beautiful… They made my day!
    Anyway, this shirt is really amazing and I don’t know why but it reminds me of Japan …
    Maybe because of the side “kimono” of the collar’s cutting. OK, I admit it’s a little far-fetched :D In any case, one thing is certain, it’s better to have a perfect body like yours to wear this type of shirt.
    Have a nice day honey and enjoy your holidays in Forte! ;-)
    Big Hug :-*
    NB: As an aside, I see that the decor has changed in the wooden console… Where is the amazing “ethnics necklaces” collection?

  2. Hi, Filippo!

    Come on, are you kidding? If it depends on me, you get an A’s for your outfit. That shirt is just gorgeous. And I can also say: when you choose an outfit, you have to choose it and dress according to the occasion, being it the time and place. You just said you wore it for “an aperitif with friends by the pool”, which makes it more perfect. Choosing the right clothing depending on the event, etc. is what really makes a difference among people who are elegant and people who are not. I am totally sure you would not wear that outfit for a walk around the city, for instance, right? =) I also adore the pants and LOVE the shoes.
    Where did you take the third picture, by the way? Is it your house? I am asking because I am loving the mirrored obelisk and also the Greek inspired horse sculpture on the console.

    Greetings from Spain!


  3. I actually like it. It’s bold, sure! But it’s nice. The powder blue too is a nice touch. I must say though, you’ve got really tanned over the summer. Keep up the good work. Xoxo Donawyn

  4. Io son rigoroso, ma siamo d’estate, sei in una località di mare, la camicia ti sta d’incanto, è originale e anche originale a suo modo: va appunto saputa portare: sicuramente la indosserai poco ed è infatti il bello di una camicia come questa: fa poche apparizioni, si mostra, fa parlare e scompare.
    La comprerei anche io in questi termini.

  5. A dire la verità, pare che tu abbia preso una camica, fatta sì su misura, e ne abbia rivoltato verso l’interno il collo, confezionando un kimono-pijama un po’ approssimativo…o era proprio questo l’intento? Originale.

  6. Hi,
    Can I ask you where you did your shirt make? This is pretty unsual. I like it, but every tailor would not do it correctly. Please tell me the name of your tailor.