Paco Rabanne: INVICTUS award. The Italian candidate.

Few weeks ago I told you about my collaboration with Paco Rabanne for the launch of the new fragrance “Invictus”.

Well, it’s officially time to enter the challenge.


Paco Rabanne chose me to support Antonio Sangiorgi, the Italian candidate for the “Invictus Award”: a virtual challenge between Antonio and other 6 altets from 6 different countries.

The final 50,000 euros prize  will be used for a charity project decided by the winner himself.

Let’s discover a little bit more about Antonio and his charity project to fight for in the ‘“Invictus Award”.

Antonio, a Sicilian guy living in Milan, is a professional water polo player.

 photo antonio_sangiorgi_invictus.jpg

If he won the “Invictus Award” he would rebuild the local swimming pool in his home village in Sicily in order to allow young Sicilians to approach the world of sports and water polo.

 photo antonio_sangiorgi_invictus_award.jpg

From now until October, you can find out more about Antonio and the other guys involved in this challenge through a series of episodes you can find here.

I’m here to call your vote for ANTONIO. Your votes only will let Antonio realizing his charity project.

You can vote your favorite candidate, Antonio of course :), every day and win up to ten Invictus fragrances every week and a super special prize at the end of the competition.

Click on the image below to vote :)

Schermata 2013-08-19 alle 18.46.08

Many thanks!
Filippo & Antonio.

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