Men’s shirt collar

Often we tend to consider all the shirts identical, without appreciating the endless possible variations that characterize the male garment par excellence.

A careless eye will see only the differences in color and pattern, one slightly more careful perhaps will notice also the change into the fabric, while a trained eye but must also carefully look at the cuffs and collar.

Today I want to talk about the collar shirt, treating the most common and widespread only.

. Kent collar
The universal and most common business collar. The Kent collar can be recognized for rather long wings. “Italian-style” collar shirt can be worn all the time, especially when the use of the tie is required.

 photo Kent_Collar_Filippo_Cirulli.jpg
 photo Kent_Collar_Filippo_fiora.jpg

. Cutaway collar
With wider and not overly long wings to wear with a tie. It’s a formal collar brought back in fashion by the Duke of Windsor so that he could widen tie the knot.

 photo french_collar_Filippo_Fiora.jpg

. Botton-Down collar
It’s an informal model created by Brooks Brothers at the beginning of the XX century thanks to an inspiration coming from polo players. It is a collar suitable for casual attire, but it can also be worn with a tie. Should be avoided in more formal occasions.

 photo Botton_down_collar_FIlippo_Cirulli.jpg  photo Botton_Down_collar_Filippo_Fiora.jpg

. Club collar
Suitable for every occasions, the Club collar shows rounded wings. It was very popular in the ’20s, it seems to revive a new “youth” recently.

 photo club_collar_filippo_fiora.jpg

. Pin-collar
American people love it while in Europe it has never been popular. The pin-collar shows a pin to join the wings in order to support the tie. The tie is a must if you choose this type of collar.

 photo Pin_Collar.jpg

This collar used to be a prerogative for business men. Nowadays is suitable for formal occasions along with tight, tuxedo or tailcoat only.

 photo wing_collar.jpg

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    1. Le vendeva anche Zara in questa stagione appena passata, tanto per nominare un marchio economico. O una qualsiasi camicieria su misura così ce l’hai perfettamente adatta al tuo fisico e non spendi neanche tanto (le camicie su misura ormai costano meno di una camicia di Zara, per non parlare delle camicie di marchi importanti)

      1. Zara per me è una sonora bocciatura.
        Ogni tanto, se ci capito davanti, entro per dare un occhio.
        I prodotti dicono sempre poco ma soprattutto i prezzi sono tutto fuorché economici.

        Ti consiglio le mie due camicerie a Milano: una più economica ( e una decisamente più costosa (Clerici).
        dacci un’occhiata :).

  1. Dopo lunghe ricerche, ho trovato un’ottima camiceria (produce camicie per diverse case di moda, tra cui Ungaro): Caliban a Pontevico, tra Brescia e Cremona. Vastissima scelta e buona qualità dei tessuti, al prezzo fisso di 40 euro (28 nei saldi). Consigliatissimo.

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