A post that recalls the autumn.

The seasons come and go and we seem to chase them even more convulsively. During the long winter months we invoke spring, in April we think of summer, and now that is the end of August, we are waiting for the warm autumn colors and acceptable temperatures.

Accomplices the first leaves on the ground, the sunset and an unusual fresh air for the hottest month of the year we took these pictures a few days ago, and the result is an autumn-flavored post.

For these pictures I chose to wear a dark blue Bagutta shirt contrasting with a pair of pale yellow pants and brown accessories (including my inseparable Vuitton briefcase).

Are you waiting for autumn of hoping for a never ending summer?
Have a good day

Bagutta shirt
PT01 pants
Casacca in lino Roda
Church’s bicolor shoes (buy here)
Hèrmes bracelet

 photo IMG_1120.jpg
 photo IMG_0910a.jpg
 photo IMG_0958-1.jpg
 photo IMG_1052.jpg
 photo IMG_1004j.jpg photo IMG_1033s.jpg photo IMG_1063copia.jpg
 photo IMG_0876s.jpg photo IMG_1047.jpg
 photo IMG_1069.jpg

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  1. quella casacca giubbottino è fantastica, un investimento sicuro: oggi comunque mi piace tutto l’outfit: vestito così sfido chiunque a dire che c’è qualcosa che non va. Bravo Filippo

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