By the Pool

The look I choose for an evening by the pool is very easy but refined.
It’s important to wear casual but at the same time sophisticated outfits for these occasions: this is the reason why I combined a formal double brested cotton jacket by Royal Hem with cream linen shorts that played down the whole look.
In addition, the canvas and leather shoes that are perfect for summer nights give the outfit a dandy soul.
Have a nice day!
Filippo C

– Royal Hem jacket
– Banana Republic shirt
– 59 Bond St shoes

 photo 7D9B4871f.jpg
 photo 7D9B5124f.jpg
 photo 7D9B5173f.jpg
 photo 7D9B4844f.jpg
 photo 7D9B5176d.jpg
 photo 7D9B5051f.jpg
 photo 7D9B4884f.jpg
 photo 7D9B5304f.jpg
 photo 7D9B5041copia.jpg
 photo 7D9B5193f.jpg
 photo 7D9B4902d.jpg

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