blue, light blue, white

Good Morning!
Today I share a very easy outfit: I left all the excesses and all the unnecessaries and then I found a minimal but strong outfit.
Colors are soft and there is no piece that overbear the other: colors are blu, white and light blu.
The “wunderkammer table” becomes even more the character of some pictures when it goes near my simple outfit.
Have a good day!

Filippo C

– Paoloni Jacket
– Zara chinos
– Belfiore shoes

 photo 7D9B6335g.jpg
 photo 7D9B5978dddddcopia.jpg
 photo 7D9B6137d.jpg
 photo 7D9B6246d.jpg
 photo 7D9B6063f.jpg
 photo 7D9B6418x.jpg
 photo 7D9B6346d.jpg

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