Going back to Milano and feel at home again.
After two months away it’s nice to find the places that are generally crowded but now almost empty, it’s nice to read the names of streets that were almost forgotten, it’s nice to find the warm colors of the city in the summer evenings.
And I feel like a guest in my own city even if everything is always the same… Have you ever had this feeling?
Have a good day!

Filippo C

- Royal Hem jacket
– Roda pochette
– Incotex chinos
– Suit Supply double monk shoes

 photo IMG_0208ccopia.jpg
 photo IMG_0135.jpg
 photo IMG_0103c.jpg
 photo IMG_0399.jpg
 photo IMG_0037c.jpg
 photo IMG_0393.jpg photo IMG_0236.jpg
 photo IMG_0357c.jpg
 photo IMG_0387d.jpg
 photo Senzatitolo-2d.jpg
 photo IMG_0093f.jpg
 photo IMG_0142c.jpg
 photo IMG_0027d.jpg

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